Stacey R.

Worth every penny

We had Heidi Emmer as Princess Belle for our 6-year old daughter’s birthday party last month. From start to finish this was a girl’s (and mom’s) dream come true.

We had a party of 12 little girls. Belle (Heidi) showed up at the front door and all of the girls ran to greet her. Belle sang with them, danced all sorts of dances, encouraged their imagination, played games, did magic and made each and every girl feel special.
Belle paid special attention to my daughter the birthday girl. She really made her feel like a princess. Heidi worked with the kids for over an hour and the kids hung on her every word. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Reviewer: Stacey Royston
Event Date: November 23rd, 2014
Event City: Olney, MD

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