Princess Packages

Basic Rates:

1 princess 1 hour      $200
2 princess 1 hour      $300
1 princess 1.5 hours $250
2 princess 1.5 hours $350
1 princess 2 hours    $300
2 princess 2 hours    $425

Emotional educational package
1 hour  $250

Fashionista princess package
1.5 hours $250
2 hours    $300

Add Magic Snow $20 
Show that the Queen really DOES have Magic Ice powers!

Or get the Entire Magic Package with magic tricks and storytelling!

Complete Magic Package $40

1 Hour Basic Package:

Meet and Greet: 

Characters and children become acquainted with each other we answer questions children ask us.

Coronation Ceremony:

Everyone gives a special compliment to the birthday girl.  We place the crown on her head and she becomes a "true princess"!

Princess Lessons:

Children learn to curtsey, bow and waltz


Circle dancing, everyone gets a turn to show off their moves in the middle of the circle!

Creative Character Freeze Dance:

Children freeze as different characters and we guess what character they are portraying to the group.


Acting out little stories and playing games

Spin birthday child on the parachute

Singing and Sing-Alongs:

Creative Drama Improv:

Children take an imaginary journey to enchanted lands and land in a magical kingdom

Limbo and other games if time permits

Picture Time / Autographs / Sing "Happy Birthday"

Emotional Educational Package 


We include creative drama in our packages and opportunities for children to learn and grow:

  • We believe children's imagination is critically important for children's growth and development. Imagination increases children's coping skills, self- confidence and social skills. We include creative drama activities that allow children to visualize and use their imagination.1.5 Hours $250 (recommended for up to 12 children with one princess)
  • Our characters have the potential to make a great impact on children.  We use stories from our characters to help children learn life lessons about dealing with feelings; how to calm themselves down when they're angry, scared or overwhelmed. We encourage them to share feelings with others, as a true princess should.
  • We also include manners in our lessons,  listening to parents and eating healthy.

Fashionista Princess Package

Princess of your choice
1.5 Hours $250 (recommended for up to 12 children with one princess)

2 Hours    $300 (recommended for up to 16 kids with one princess)

  • Face Painting
  • Talent shows
  • Dress up fashion shows
  • Choreograph a dance

Preschool Princess Package

One Hour $200

Ages 3 to 4

  • Princess games
  • Storytime
  • Singing/ Nursery Rhymes
  • Dancing
  • Parachute
  • Face Painting


$25 Add scarves to play with!

Princess Free Play  Package


Ages 2 to 4

  • Princess plays with children with their own toys
  • Sings Happy Birthday
  • Poses for Pictures
  • Magic
  • Sing-Alongs
  • Dancing
  • Picture Time

Princess - One- on -One

50 minutes  $150


  • Face painting
  • Magic
  • Sing-Alongs
  • Dancing
  • Picture Time

Face Time Princess


A princess of your choice can face time a child to announce a special event or birthday surprise!



See all extras and add-ons here.

Frequently asked questions and Tips/ Policies

      • In case of inclement weather, parties will be rescheduled
      • Tips Are Appreciated
      • Please have parking available for Performer (performer may need assistance with materials from the car into party location)
      • Performers Must Stay on Contracted Schedule. We cannot start later unless contracted to do so or stay late without compensation.

We have additional characters
Unicorn Princess, Little Pony, Alice and Madhatter, Dorothy


If you see a price that has exactly what we offer and you can show it to us, we may be able to match it if it is within a 15 mile radius to our princess's location.

Our characters make such a difference to the children that so admire us!

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