Marcy Xexelia

Marcy (Dressed as Alice and Rapunzel ) also known as “Lady Mars”, is a professional actress/comedian in the D.C area, having credits in TV Shows, Film and Baltimore Murder Mystery Company.  She grew up performing musical theater in Baltimore City.  Her talents include; singing, playing acoustic rhythm guitar and  performing stand up comedy.  She also likes to write, and creates many of her own videos on her YouTube channel, as well as award winning cosplay sketches where she has created some of her own wardrobe and props. 

During high school, she coordinated many live music events on the Eastern Shore, & after college worked as a tour guide for school-groups at a farm for 3 years, as well as hosting & running her own karaoke show for 6 years.  She has a degree from The University of Maryland’s School of Behavioral Science.


Marcy was part of Ballroom at Maryland and has been trained in a variety of dance.


She loves sci-fi, but enjoys playing princesses and superheroes too.


Her favorites to portray are Snow Queen and her sister, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Alice, characters from the Galaxies, and Descendants of Fairytale Characters

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